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Cleopatra via its upcoming interactive Fx/Securities website 'Cleopatra.com' is developing an advanced Artificial intelligent (AI) based systems: 'Cleopatra Desktop' , 'Cleopatra.com Interactive web site' & 'Cleopatra App  (OS / Android)' platforms. These systems are built on mathematically modeled analytical ancient Cleo-Pyramid*(patentable) formulations. These programs & platforms, will objectively rate securities & Fx pairs, and gather detailed intelligent financial news and information related to Fx & securities. 

The information will be displayed to the user in an interactive based platforms including 'Cleopatra.com Interactive Fx/Securities Website' using the latest  market securities (AI derived) live and static data feeds.

FTSE 100 -  S&P 500  -  Euro Stoxx 50  -  Nikkei  -  Hang Seng  -  CSI 300

FX:    £   -   $   -   €

Head Office: Andromeda Level 14,  Boulevard Plaza Tower 1, Downtown Dubai, PO Box 5000013

DUBAI. United Arab Emirates