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Cleopatra via its upcoming interactive securities website 'Cleopatra.com' is developing the most advanced Artificial intelligent (AI) based systems: 'Cleopatra Desktop' , 'Cleopatra.com Interactive web site' & 'Cleopatra App  (OS / Android)' platforms. These systems are built on mathematically modelled analytical ancient Cleo-Pyramid*(patentable) formulations. These programs & platforms, will objectively rate securities, and gather detailed intelligent financial news and information related to securities and securities markets. 

The information will be displayed to the user in an interactive based platforms including 'Cleopatra.com Interactive Securities Website' using the latest  market securities (AI derived) live and static data feeds.

FTSE 100 -  S&P 500  -  Euro Stoxx 50  -  Nikkei  -  Hang Seng  -  CSI 300

£   -   $   -   €

Head Office: Andromeda Level 14,  Boulevard Plaza Tower 1, Downtown Dubai, PO Box 5000013

DUBAI. United Arab Emirates