Domain & Trade Mark for SALE

CLEOPATRA   克娄巴特拉    ملكة مصرية شهيرة  

クレオパトラ   Клеопатра  클레오 파트라


I am listing my domain for sale, as I have received a number of enquiries and offers for this domain & my related word 'cleopatra' trade marks. The domain has never been used for any form of business, and therefore it is not related to any online business. It would be an impeccable asset for any new or established business.

I am selling including European word trade mark 'cleopatra' class 25, app no. 011903671, clothing, footwear & headgear. Also United Kingdom trade marked word 'cleopatra' with class 38, media related including TV / Cinema, app. no. UK00002588350.

Cleopatra is an ideal label brand for any large OEM clothing manufactures who want to add a world recognisable brand value name at a minimum cost, or other types of business which can associate themselves to this iconic and historical name.

Please only enquire if your a serious business/buyer.

International buyers welcome...

All enquiries either via ebay link below, or email me


Domain Sale eBay Link:


Sale Price £9,500,000 (GBP) or very near offer

Cleopatra 克娄巴特拉  ملكة مصرية شهيرة クレオパトラ Клеопатра 클레오 파트라